My research focuses on the development of statistical methods for causal inference from observational and randomized studies with complex datasets. I work at the intersection of statistical machine learning and optimal asymptotic estimation in large semi- and nonparametric models.  My substantive research includes applications in neurology, precision medicine for cancer, and physical activity. 

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Selected Publications   


Book Chapters


  • Stochastic Treatment Regimes for Causal Inference. In: Targeted Learning in Data Science . I. Díaz (upcoming 2017). Ed. by M. J. van der Laan and S. Rose. Springer.

  • Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Inference. In: Targeted Learning in Data Science . I. Díaz, A. Luedtke, and M. J. van der Laan. (upcoming 2017). Ed. by M. J. van der Laan and S. Rose. Springer.

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  • Targeted Bayesian Learning. In: Targeted Learning. I. Díaz, A. Hubbard, and M. van der Laan (2011). Ed. by M. J. van der Laan and S. Rose. Springer.

Google Inc

My work at Google involved developing tools for causal inference from very large observational studies including online and offline activity.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biostatistics. My research included the development of covariate adjusted estimators with efficiency guarantees with applications to the MISTIE II and CLEAR III trials on stroke.

University of California at Berkeley

PhD in Biostatistics under the direction of Dr. Mark van der Laan. My dissertation on causal inference for continuous exposures was awarded the Erich L. Lehmann to an outstanding dissertation in theoretical statistics. 

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

MS and undergraduate degree in Statistics. 

Outside of work I enjoy rock climbing, running, and outdoors activities in general. I was born and grew up in Bogotá, Colombia.